Ravil I. Muhamedyev, Yedilkhan N. Amirgaliyev, Maksat N. Kalimoldayev, Alim N. Khamitov, Ainur Abdilmanova. Selection of the most prominent lines of research in ICT domain, ICCECO 2015
Abstract: The paper is devoted to selection of the most crucial directions of research in ICT domain that could be implemented in the Republic of Kazakhstan. In the paper we
evaluated the dynamics of the annual changes in the number of publications and convergence of ICT sub-domains based on data of Scopus, EBSCO (Information Science & Technology Abstracts, Academic Search Complete) and Google Scholar. To analyze the place of Kazakhstan, we considered indexes shown in the Global Competitiveness Report. As a result, the most rapidly developing areas of research were revealed (big data, machine
learning, 5G, augmented reality, and etc.). The semantic network of the most modern concepts of the ICT domain was constructed that visualizes the binary relationship between the components and their relative importance. By using comparative analysis of
the number of publications in the leading countries and some other countries including Kazakhstan, we selected some key domains which need to be seriously improved onto the way of development science in RK.
Keywords: ICT domain, taxonomy, scientometric databases, Big Data, Вioinformatics, Cloud computing, Cyber-Physical systems, Embedded systems, Information Security, Internet of Things, Human-machine systems, Mobile computing, Machine
Learning, Machine to Machine, Multi agent systems, Neural Networks, Robotics, Visualization, Augmented Reality, SDN, 5G , e-Governance.