Ravil I. Muhamedyev, Andrey D. Giyenko, Victor T. Pyagai, Kairat Bostanbekov. Premises for the creation of renewable energy sources GIS monitoring // Proceedings of 8th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies — AICT2014. – Astana, 2014. – 398-402
Control of the status of the country’s resourcesallows making reasonable decisions both in the field of state regulation, and for the benefit of sustainable and safe development of the territory. Construction of such system requires complex application of a number of modern concepts and information technologies (Cloud computing, Big Data, Data Mining, machine learning, etc.). The problem of constructing the resource monitoring system as parts of the following generation of e-government system is formulated.
Keywords: green and renewable energy, resource monitoring, e-government, GIS.