Muhamedyev, S. Iskakov, P.Gricenko, K. Yakunin Y. Kuchin. Integration of results from Recognition Algorithms and its realization at the uranium production process. Proceedings of 8th IEEE International Conference on Application of Information and Communication Technologies — AICT2014, Kazakhstan, Astana, 15-17 October 2014, p.188-191, ISBN 987-1-4799-4120-92, IEEE Catalog Number CFP1456H-PRT.
Taught systems such as artificial neural network (ANN) can be used for data interpretation of electric logging. Using only the ANN algorithm gives the result of coincidence between interpretable data and experimental results in certain samplings from 66% to 73%. But using additional algorithms of recognition and integrating the results of recognition could enhance quality of recognition by 1-3%. The problem of integration of classification algorithms results was formulated and realization as pseudocode was shown. The paper describes the recognition algorithms which used in research, results of recognition, integration of results and realization of integration algorithm. Index Terms—Lithology, machine learning, ensemble of algorithms, uranium deposit, pseudocode.