Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning (AI&ML) Summer Workshop

Seminars will be held on 7-18 June 2022


 A number of outstanding results have been recently achieved in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and large Neural Networks. During a series of workshops on AI and ML, you will be able to understand what they are and how they solve problems, ask questions and try to complete training exercises.

The seminars are conducted under the auspices of the ACeSYRI (Erasmus +) project. SU (IAIT) is the main organizer of the event held in cooperation with the IICT MES RK and the International Academy of Informatization [1].

The workshops will address the following three groups of issues:

  1. Basic theory – classic machine learning algorithms. In this part, we will review the basic principles of learning programs development. Some knowledge on linear algebra and Python is highly appreciated.
  2. Examples of machine learning applications. In this section, we will examine the machine learning applications in various fields.
  3. Deep learning models. Here we will briefly discuss the recognition of faces and objects, image and speech processing techniques.

There are three levels of certification:

1) Free participation option. Listening to the first introductory week of the seminar (10 hours, 1 week). A certificate of the seminar participant is issued. Payment for the certificate – 3000 tenge.

2) Basic participation option. Listening to all lectures of the seminar, passing tests (32 hours, 2 weeks). A “Certificate of advanced training course” is issued in the amount of 32 hours. The cost is 15,000 tenge.

3) Extended participation option. Listening to all lectures of the seminar, passing tests, performing laboratory work (3 weeks). A “Certificate of extended training course” is issued in the amount of 72 hours, methodical materials and book “Introduction to Machine Learning”. The cost is 38,000 tenge. The approximate time of the seminars is from June 7 to June 24.

A detailed program of the seminar is being formed.

[1] Workshop leader –  prof. Mukhamediev R, assistents: Symagulov Adilkhan, Bayangali Abdygalym