The site contains information on research projects and ongoing scientific conferences.

«Development of Intelligent Data Processing and Flight Planning Models for Precision Farming Tasks Using UAVs» IUAVT (IRN AP08856412 )

The aim of the project: Development of models of data processing and flight planning of technically heterogeneous UAVs for the decision of problems of precision farming on the basis of methods of artificial intelligence.

«Developing methods and algorithms of intelligent GIS for multi-criteria analysis of healthcare data» IGISMA (IRN AP09259587)

The aim of the project: Development of models, algorithms, and methods, an intelligent geoinformation system for multi-criteria decision support in health care based on the models of explainable machine learning, NLP, GIS using social, medical, and economic information.

Space monitoring and GIS for quantifying soil salinity and degradation of agricultural land in southern Kazakhstan (BR 10965172)

Purpose of the study: “Creation of a web-based geoinformation service for operational monitoring of a quantitative assessment of the degree of soil salinity and degradation of agricultural land in the South of Kazakhstan based on data from remote sensing of the Earth. ”

Renewable Energy Systems Monitoring (MoRES, 2015-2017)

The project is dedicated to exploring ways to support green energy systems using various ICT solutions. We are looking for data sources, developing hardware for data collection and a web portal based on GIS technologies.

Logging data classification (GTS, 2013-2015)

The project solves an important problem of the uranium mining industry using machine learning methods.